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The Franciscan Friary was founded in 1219. Our Franciscan Monks were known to challenge the status quo of the church. The well was their main source of water. While it was known for it's curative powers throughout Cork, the monks also used it to make beer and added herbs & spices to create syrups & tonics.

‘It was a splendid Well, 5 foot deep in diameter with a never failing supply of pure crystal water’


A new phase of creativity began at North Mall in the 1880's when Samuel Abbot opened the innovative Franciscan Well Mineral Water company. By 1888 Mr Abbot started to carbonate & flavour the Franciscan Well water. These included pure carbonated water, soda, fruit lemonade, superior ginger, potass water & champagne cider.


Abbot also imported direct large quantities of the finest vintage wines from the pricipal continental growers, and have long been famed for their well-matured brandies, Irish and Scotch whiskies in all the popular blends, and other spirits of the most approved qualities.


James Coleman, an innovative business man in Cork founded the Well bar in 1911, however Coleman saw his end quickly during the volatile period of the 1920s. From then until the 1900s the bar assumned many identities but always with the Well as it's central feature.


In 1998 Shane Long established one of the first craft breweries in the modern era in Ireland, with the Franciscan Well Brewery brewing its first batch of Friar Weiss in December that year.


In 2012 Shane Long & Dave Quinn, the master distiller in Jameson embarked on their own story.. right here in the Monk. Both with curious mind they hatched a plan. Dave would give Shane whiskey barrels to age stout in and in return Shane would give the barrel back to Dave to age whiskey in and thus Jameson Caskmates was born!

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Monk bar continues the tradition with an impressive array of liquid creations, on the site of the Franciscan Friary that started it all.

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